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Since 2006 our team has been working for the Federal Agency of Science and Innovations under the government R&D topic “Development of the applied technologies for engineering tasks with dense equations systems and extra-high number of variables” within the target scientific and technological federal program “R&D in the priority directions of the science and technology development” for2002-2006.

In 2006 a project for the subcontractor of the leading Russian airway company was completed. The project was in the field of modeling the ground vehicles operating range and their interaction with aircrafts.

Scientific collaboration with a major automotive concern was initiated in the field of neural network vehicle control systems.

Business experience of our specialists whose career went from the team leaders and project managers to executives of IT-companies gives us ability to successfully solve a big number of non-trivial management problems. The solutions of different kinds which were developed by our specialists and successfully applied in such Russian and international companies as

- PhaseSpace Inc. (
- Moscow Social Cards Processing Center
- Aerospace Center of MIPT (Aerophysics and Space Research Department)
- Semenihin’s Scientific and Research Institute of Automatic Equipment
- Aeroflot Russian Airlines (
- Vinzavod (Moscow modern art hub
- Competentum Group (

Our team has also historical experience in working with the following companies in the field of advanced, interactive, internet-based e-learning systems:
- Thomson Higher Education (
- McGraw-Hill (
- Pearson Education (
- San Diego State University (

Сlients Responses

"Our laboratory has been working with Pawlin Technologies Ltd . for a few years. They have deep theoretical and practical experience in projects that involve the usage of artificial neural networks . Their team of analysts and programmers consisting of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and other leading technical universities graduates has proved to be very competent group of experts in this field . We wish Pawlin Technologies Ltd . creative success , active development and we 're looking forward to the further cooperation!"

Mikhail Ryzhakov,

Director, Laboratory of Ecological Researches

"With experts from Pawlin we have executed the project on integration of innovative Java technologies into the complex legacy software product on C ++. During the interaction we managed to establish good partner relationship. They are very resultative and oriented at the customer's primary goals. As the outcome of the project we have been offered not only technical solutions, but also organizational ones that helped us to use internal developers instead of hiring extrenal staff. So it allowed to save time and budget. We will be glad to the further work with this team!"


Vladimir Bragin

Director, Ltd. "Competentum Learning"



Our products
Sample Image PWNBinaryTrainer 1.0

PWNBinaryTrainer 1.0 is a simple GPGPU console application designed to bring alternative to training of the neural networks in expensive commercial packages. Training process takes now minutes instead of hours and the accuracy is similar or better ...


Sample Image PWNLIB 1.1

Software C++ library for neural network processing and training. GPGPU via NVIDIA CUDA and Intel-MKL performance boosting is available now.


Our services

Custom coding of math algorithms

Even though modern tools exist that greatly simplify math algorithms coding (e.g. MATLAB), there are cases when it make sense to outsource this work to us:

Data visualization

We offer 1D,2D,3D data visualization (real time if necessary) by utilizing the latest dimension reduction techniques, linear and non linear PCA-related technologies, volume visualization, custom ray-tracing and radiosity algorithms. We offer fast OpenGL or GPGPU / CUDA implementations.

Data/Image processing

There are common computer vision libraries such as Intel OpenCV that one can take as a starting point for their algorithms implementation.

Recognition and Clustering

Typical task for neural networks is recognition and clustering. Send us your task description and we will provide you with a proposal on time and budget for your particular system implementation.

Embedded programming of intellectual algorithms

Embedded intellectual algorithms must be very simple, fast, and reliable. Pawlin Technologies currently works on getting the maximum from the limited hardware capabilities in term of pattern recognition, computer vision.

Neural Network Programming

We reveal new capabilities of using data and information for the goals of your business. Now many tasks historically done by humans can be left to intellectual software and hardware by using some of the many existing AI technologies customized for your particial needs.
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