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The idea to start up the company came to mind of its founders in 2003. Presence of scientific and business experience, real interest in innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence systems initiated the preparation and later foundation of the company in 2005. We were inspired by the achievements of the Japan , US, European and Russian companies that had already started their successful projects in the similar areas. The following facts caused Pawlin Technologies to appear:
- the scientific theories are quite ready and technologies exist to implement challenging endeavors in the field of artificial intelligence systems;
- readiness (interest) of the market to such systems and technologies;
- temporary free space in the market and availability of the open niches.
We consider international AI systems market condition now to be similar to what the general software market resembled in 1980s. Unlike the current state of the completely saturated market of software development services, the AI systems market will reach that point only in 10-20 years. A few famous software companies started their business, practically, in the “garage” in 80s and became multibillion corporations by the end of 90s. We believe similar fate belongs to the companies that develop AI systems now even if their size now is not big. Most important things for the success are interesting ideas, strong team and suitable market condition.
Pawlin’s history has the promising start. To the moment our company successfully completed several projects in the fields of neural networks, cluster computing, OCR and bibliographic search. All the projects were completed in time and within the planned budget. Along with providing the services Pawlin initiated its own products planning and development in the field of robotics and image processing. Patent applications were issued. Several papers regarding our own research were reported in the international conferences and published in the proceedings. Our next steps will be aimed at expanding the volume of services we provide and releasing the first versions of our product to market. We’ll also start looking for the investors to help us in manufacturing and promotion.

As it was mentioned by Professor Robert Hecht-Nielsen @ IJCNN'07:
"The Soviet and Russian neural network research legacy (largely unknown
outside Russia) is a goldmine of novel and valuable fundamental ideas,
techniques, and interesting applications. Now, at IJCNN'07 Orlando,
these hidden treasures will be revealed. Professor Aleksander Galushkin
of Moscow PhysTech (the huge top-rank 'secret' Soviet university created
during the Cold War), the leading neural network researcher of Russia,
and his colleagues will present: "Overview of Soviet / Russian Neural
Network R&D: The Untold Story
" on Thursday 16 August 2007 from 7:00pm
until 10:30pm. This is an amazing saga, with more surprising twists and
turns than a Clancy novel. With Russia again turning insular, this may
be the last opportunity to learn of these innovations directly from
leading Russian experts. IJCNN'07 attendees should put this important
Post-Conference Workshop on their schedules first...

Professor Robert Hecht-Nielsen, University of California, San Diego"

If you are interested in Russian neurocomputing history, download these power point slides from the corresponding IJCNN'07 workshop:
PPT 1. Review of soviet and Russian projects in the area of neural networks and neurocomputers. 1965 – 2006
PPT 2. The adaptation methods of multilayer neural networks with sequential, cross and feedback connections.
PPT 3. Soviet / Russian Neural Network Applications Examples


Our products
Sample Image PWNBinaryTrainer 1.0

PWNBinaryTrainer 1.0 is a simple GPGPU console application designed to bring alternative to training of the neural networks in expensive commercial packages. Training process takes now minutes instead of hours and the accuracy is similar or better ...


Sample Image PWNLIB 1.1

Software C++ library for neural network processing and training. GPGPU via NVIDIA CUDA and Intel-MKL performance boosting is available now.


Our services

Custom coding of math algorithms

Even though modern tools exist that greatly simplify math algorithms coding (e.g. MATLAB), there are cases when it make sense to outsource this work to us:

Data visualization

We offer 1D,2D,3D data visualization (real time if necessary) by utilizing the latest dimension reduction techniques, linear and non linear PCA-related technologies, volume visualization, custom ray-tracing and radiosity algorithms. We offer fast OpenGL or GPGPU / CUDA implementations.

Data/Image processing

There are common computer vision libraries such as Intel OpenCV that one can take as a starting point for their algorithms implementation.

Recognition and Clustering

Typical task for neural networks is recognition and clustering. Send us your task description and we will provide you with a proposal on time and budget for your particular system implementation.

Embedded programming of intellectual algorithms

Embedded intellectual algorithms must be very simple, fast, and reliable. Pawlin Technologies currently works on getting the maximum from the limited hardware capabilities in term of pattern recognition, computer vision.

Neural Network Programming

We reveal new capabilities of using data and information for the goals of your business. Now many tasks historically done by humans can be left to intellectual software and hardware by using some of the many existing AI technologies customized for your particial needs.
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